You don’t need a video.

And you don’t want a corporate video. Nobody does. If somebody said to you “hey, come and watch our corporate video”, you’d say “no thanks”. So don’t get a video. Get an audience and use video to inspire them.


So who are we?

Well we is currently I, Eifion Jones (don’t worry, even I can’t say it right) plus a number of strategic and creative partners.

I’m a filmmaker, sound designer and an entrepreneur (see here, here, here and here) and I love ideas. I have more than 10 years media industry experience ranging from the BBC to corporate work (brands like FIVE, ROLAND, HP and PWC) to award winning independent film and art projects.

Over the years I have increasingly enjoyed working with entrepreneurs and SMEs and I’ve gained a great deal of knowledge and first-hand insight into the world of startups and innovative business. This combined with first class visual storytelling skills, a background in teaching Media plus a degree in Biochemistry means I have a unique perspective from which to approach communication.

I think good business is creative and I love being creative for a good business.

So I created Hightop Films.

So what do we do?

Hightop films offers forward-thinking businesses the opportunity to partner with a visual storyteller to express their unique point of view, honestly and creatively.

We believe that video should be used to express you and your vision. Video is a medium for your story not a commodity for your business. As a medium, video is powerful. As a commodity, video is weak.

We like to work with founders (or key decision makers) directly so we can get to the heart of the business as soon as possible and cut out any noise.

There are two ways of working with Hightop Films. You will either hire Hightop films to produce video content for you or to mentor your in-house video team.